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We will offer you a full refund if an item is faulty, not as described or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

We will not offer you a refund if you:

· Knew an item was faulty when you bought it.

· Damaged an item by trying to repair it yourselves or getting someone else to do it (though you may still have the right to a repair, replacement or partial refund).

· No longer want an item (e.g. because it’s the wrong size or colour) unless you  bought it without seeing it

· Unwrapped CDs, DVDs and computer software that is not faulty.


Repairs and replacements


If you ‘accepted’ an item, but later discover a fault, we will repair or replace it.

You have accepted an item if you’ve:

· told us you’ve accepted it (having had enough opportunity to inspect the item before confirming you’ve received it)

· altered the item

Proof of purchase

We will ask for proof that you bought an item from us. This could be a sales receipt or other evidence such as a bank statement or packaging.


Items returned by someone other than the buyer


We will only accept returns from the person who bought the item.



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